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Great social media content isn't just product placement, you have to engage your viewers, not just sell to them! 

In fact there is a proven method! What should be posted, When it should be posted and Where it should be posted. 

Made Social Takes the guess work out of Social Media Marketing.  When you book your Free 1 Hour Consultation our expert Social Media Manager will discuss with you a proven strategy to growing your business- What inspires you? Who is your target audience? What are your interest and hobbies? 

The series of questions you'll be asked are carefully designed to better understand your brand, and future audience.  



The most important aspect of Social Media Marketing is THE PRODUCT! Even more important is how the product is showcased.  

 MADE SOCIAL  Will use content you have already created, and better yet create custom content tailored to your brand. 



Give your brand consistency.  This is how your audience identifies your business.  


A brand is a company’s personality. It encompasses all that the company stands for – its philosophy, culture and products/services. A brand brings unique experiences to the customers that, in the long run, shape their affiliations with the company’s brand name.

A crucial element to a businesses success is the Logo.  

A logo is one of the many working components of a brand. It is a graphic illustration of a company’s brand identity; a visual representation that is easily recognizable as a name, symbol, trademark or defined colors. Being a company brand signature, a logo can effortlessly communicate to the customers the brand image and position of a company.

Designing a logo should not be taken lightly. An ideal logo should embody the very heart and soul of a company. It should be a unique representation of a company’s personality.

We've all heard the expression "Don't judge a book by it's cover".  When it comes to Branding & Logos the books cover is EVERYTHING! 



There is a proven science to social media content.  Followers want to see more than just your service/product.  Inspire them, make them think, make them come back! 


Let your brand speak for it's self! With carefully planned advertisements by Made Social your business will come to life on the screens of all your followers!

Visually pleasing content to engage your viewers and keep them coming back for more. 

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