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Retro Skateboards
Retro Skateboards
  • How Is The Event Marketed?
    We do extensive social media marketing, as well as New Channel 12 Sponsor Ads, Event Pages, Signage, and Print Ads.
  • What If I Can’t Make It Last Minute?
    We offer a refund policy for vendors that notify us prior to the event day. Day of cancellations will not be refunded.
  • Is There Parking?
    Yes! Parking is located in front of every entrance. The back of the venue also has a covered parking structure. All parking is free all day.
  • How Are Spaces Assigned?
    We put a lot of time into the floorpan, keeping in mind the best flow of traffic, and not placing similar businesses next to each other.
  • Can I Change My Space Location?
    No. The floorpan will not be changed on the event day, as this will throw off the entire event floor.
  • Are There Bathrooms?
    Yes! Bathrooms are located on the second floor. There are escalators and elevators on location.
  • Do You Provide Tables?
    No. We have no tables available to rent or use.
  • Can I leave Early?
    We kindly ask that you stay the entire event.
  • Are Vendors Required To Have a TAX ID?
    We do not require this information. each Brand operates as an independent business at the event.
  • Can I Find Out My Space Location Ahead Of Time?
    When events exceed 65 vendors space assignments are given ahead of time.
  • Can I Request More Space On The Event Day?
    No. Please ensure you are prepared to work with the space you purchased.
  • Are Outlets Available?
    Outlets are only available for our VIP and Double Spaces **Upon Request.
  • What If I Need To Leave My Space?
    All vendors are 100% responsible for their tables and setups. LI Pop-Up will not assume responsibility for any lost products or merchandise.
  • Is There Wifi?
    No, cellphone service has not been an issue at any previous events.
  • Can I Setup After the event starts?
    No. Vendors are required to complete setup 15 minutes prior to the event opening.
  • Can Someone Assist Me With Load in/out?
    No. All vendors are responsible for their own load in and out.
  • Can I Store Additional Merchandise?
    All additional products and merchandise must remain within your space. Please make sure your space is always neat and presentable.
  • Can I Have Signs?
    Yes, If they can fit within your spaces measurements. No signs can be placed in aisles where people will walk.
  • Can I Decorate My Space?
    YES! We highly encourage you to make your setup your own.
  • Can I Offer Discounts on Products?
    Yes! You can offer your products and services at any special rates you see fit.
  • Is There an ATM?
    No. We do not have an ATM on Location.
  • Am I Required To Clean Up My Space?
    Yes. All vendors are responsible for returning their space clear of any products or garbage.
  • Are Prices Based on 1 Day or 2?
    Space pricing is based on one day vending. Discounted rates are applied to vendors doing both days in 8x8 and 10x10 spaces.
  • I have A Question I Don't See Listed..
    Please Contact Grace at (718) 869-9501 for any further questions.
  • I'm Interested in Sponsorship Opportunities
    Please send all sponsorship inquiries to
  • What is an FAQ section?
    An FAQ section can be used to quickly answer common questions about you or your business, such as “Where do you ship to?”, “What are your opening hours?” or “How can I book a service?” It’s a great way to help people navigate your site and can even boost your site’s SEO.
  • I'm Interested in Becoming A Vendor
    Our Vendor Application can be found in the Vendor Tab.
  • I want to speak with someone live
    You can chat live here or call us 9am - 7pm 7 Days a week at (718) 869-9501
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